QuickSchools powerful school management software comes with an incredible set of customizable features to assist with your school administration tasks and complex processes.

Student Information

Get easy access to student particulars, their grades, schedules, address, parents info, disciplinary records, extra-curricular activities, and any reports, anytime.

Teacher Information

Track your teacher's particulars, residential addresses and other data. QuickSchools.com is always online so your teachers can access their schedule anytime.

Parent Access

Parents can log in and view their children's information anytime through the Parent Portal. Parents can keep track of their child's attendance, workload and progress!


Track daily attendance by homeroom, period or subject. Easy to use interface to check off your students.


Customized to suit your needs with one personal online gradebook for each teacher. The online gradebook feature enables teachers to enter grades frequently.

Report Card

Report cards are fully customizable - you get to have your own grading criteria, grading flow, report card format. You can print beautiful report cards and transcripts.


You can create beautiful transcripts quickly and efficiently and never worry about losing them ever. It will always be safe in QuickSchools.


You can create homework assignments in seconds and share them instantly with your students.

School Schedule

You can generate the school's schedules easily. You can view schedules by student, teacher or class. You can view and print a PDF version of the schedule.


Manage enquiries to your school all in one place. Move enquiries to applications stage seamlessly right through the time to successfully enroll the student into the right class.

Fee Tracking and Online Payments

A simple and straightforward fee tracking module that helps you track fees effectively.

Email Text and Voice Messaging

No school today? Have a message you need to communicate urgently? Send out text and recorded voice messages to parents anytime.

Report Creator

View your information exactly how you want with Report Creator. Available from the App Store and standard with the Athena plan, this feature lets you build, run, save, and share your own reports from scratch.

State Reporting

Save time and streamline your data with QuickSchools state-reporting. Formatted for your state’s needs, the State Reporting app lets you generate required reports easily.

& Sign-Out

Go green and streamline your sign-in/sign-out process at the same time with our dedicated app.


Connect with the community and the world to raise funds for your school with FundRabbit, an online platform to support fundraising for education.

School Management Apps

Extend, expand and scale your QuickSchools platform to meet your every need. It’s a growing platform as we and the community of teachers continuously develop more apps through the App Developer Console.

Report Creator

Create tabular and pivot table reports from your QuickSchools data.

Standards-Based Gradebook

New standards-based gradebook from QuickSchools.

Seating chart

View and Take Attendance based on your Classroom Seating Chart.

Super User

Log In as any user in your school.

Online Forms

Publish forms for users to fill out. Supports PDF and custom forms.

Student Sign-in Sign-out

Sign students in & out. All times are logged.

Lunch Count

A simple app for teachers to submit lunch count.


Upload and share files on virtual cloud drive.

Host Family

Track and manage students with host families.


Track extensive health-related information for students.

Attendance Snapshot

See daily student attendance quickly and efficiently.

Immunization Record

Edit California School Immunization blue health cards directly from QuickSchools.

Facilities Booking

Allow teachers to book facilities.

Free & Reduced Lunch

Manage student free and reduced lunch eligibility information.


Manage donors and donations.


Setup Individualized Educational Programs.

Merit System

Award and manage merit points for your students.

Student Activity Log

Strong note taking for managing student information.

Teacher Attendance

Track daily attendance as present or absent for your teachers in QuickSchools.

Test Scores

Use this app to track student test scores with their related section scores and subscores.

The Lunchroom

Track lunch fees and payments separately from the Fee Tracking module.

Advanced Subject Setup

For schools that setup subjects by section or by homeroom.

Custom Attendance Codes

Track absences and tardiness using your own custom codes.

Custom Domain

Access QuickSchools from your own domain like http://portal.school.edu.

Gradebook Dashboard

Allows teachers to see performance at a glance

Google Calendar

Display your Google Calendar in QuickSchools via HTML or iFrame

Canvas Integration

Export students, teachers and enrollments from QuickSchools to Canvas.


A simple App to display useful links to teachers, parents and students.

Schoology Integration

Export students, courses and enrollments from QuickSchools into Schoology.


For California State Reporting (CALPADS)

Wufoo Forms Integration

Create dynamic forms with Wufoo and integrate them into QuickSchools.


Schedule and manage teacher appointments with students and others.

Comment Bank

A fast, simple, and efficient way to add notes to student report cards.

Gradebook History

Keep track of Grades EVERY TIME you save your Gradebook.

Montessori Assessment

Record when you present topics, and when students practice and master them.

Approve Me: Online Requests

Process requests submitted via the Online Portal.

Lunch Ordering

Setup and allow parents to order lunches for students.

Post Board

For teachers, parents and students to post bulletins for others to see.

Topica Forums

An online forum where teachers, parents and students can post topics to be discussed online.