Online Gradebook

Simply enter your student grades and let QuickSchools Gradebook instantly do the recording and calculation of student final grades based on the customizable grading scale and weight.

Flexible and efficient

Custom Gradebook

You can weight individual assignments or categories to suit your class’s needs, add and delete assignments, set up multiple grading scales, and redefine assignments and grade weighting. You can now complete all the calculations, updates, and reports associated with grading for your school error-free in the blink of an eye.

Intelligent and interactive

Interactive Database

The interactive grade database help make other grade management tasks for efficient as well. Report cards and transcripts are also completed automatically using the interactive database. The report card and transcripts features share the grading database and pull updated grading information into their reports.

Access and track

Online Parent Access

QuickSchools automatically updates the Parent Portal with the latest grades so that parents can monitor and be an active participant in their student’s education. This eliminates daily requests for progress reports and grade checks which can be very time-consuming. If parents have questions, they can message the teacher through the Parent Portal.

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