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QuickSchools, Inc Introduces Standards-Based Grading Software to Ease Adoption of Common Core State Standards

For pennies per student, student information system (SIS) or sometimes also known as school management system, school administration system, school management software, school administration software, and classroom management software, helps teachers in the world and especially USA plan lessons around standards while automating grading and report cards

QuickSchools, Inc. launched a Standards-Based Gradebook (SBG) app for teachers and administrators to gauge student mastery of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and provide vital data for institutions as to the effectiveness of CCSS long term.

As of this year, 46 states, four territories, and the District of Columbia have adopted Common Core State Standards released in 2010, yet some controversy about its broad goals and assessment tools, not available until Spring 2015, have surfaced. SBG is gaining popularity as a tool for public school districts, charter schools and private institutions to ease the implementation and assessment of CCSS.

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QuickSchools attends major EdTech Conference

QuickSchools will be attending the California Charter Schools Conference, held this year in San Jose. We will be on-hand to answer any questions current users have and are excited to discuss the many upgrades and features now available.

If you are thinking of ways QuickSchools may improve efficiency in your school, come by and check us out! We are offering demonstrations to show the versatility and ease of our Cloud-based student information system.

We will be located at booth 1412. See you there!

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QuickSchools Integrates with Schoology

QuickSchools announces that they are integrating with Schoology, an online learning management system.

This integration will allow for greater collaboration and more efficient flow of information from the classroom to school administration.

“It is a perfect complement of programs”, says Aris Samad, CEO of QuickSchools. “Our cloud-based student information system combined with Schoology’s classroom and online education tools will enable easier communication between students, parents, and teachers.”

More information including instructions on synchronizing accounts is available at

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QuickSchools Unveils New Lunch Count App

QuickSchools - Online School Management System has released a new app called LunchCount.

“This app is the first of many to make school tasks easier for teachers. It will help teachers keep track of students in the lunch room at school,” says Aris Samad, CEO of QuickSchools. “It is very simple to understand and use and will be of great use for educators.”

The new lunch app is available for purchase at the QuickSchools App Store.

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QuickSchools School Management System is a finalist for the Cloud 2013-2014 awards.

QuickSchools School Management System is a finalist for the Cloud 2013-2014 awards. “We are proud to be a finalist in this competitive award program,” said Jennifer Wenzel, Project Manager for QuickSchools.

“Our team at QuickSchools has worked tirelessly this year to unveil many new enhancements for the software to make it a highly sought after school management software.

“We are excited about the new developments our company is offering in the upcoming year and look forward to continuing to meet increased customer demand for our school administration software.”

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