School Report Creator

School Report Creator

QuickSchools loves data. With all of our extensive online information-tracking features, our school management system is able to store a ton of applicant, student, teacher, and school data. To help your data tracking reach its potential, we offer a variety of tabular Reports and, even more, the Report Creator app. With this powerful app, you have the ability to make your own reports, exactly as you want to see them.


The entire purpose of the Report Creator is to increase and enhance QuickSchools’ already very customizable design. The app does a great job in that it helps you control how you analyze your data. It’s your data, so you should be able to use it however you like. Thus, the Report Creator was born.


The Report Creator lets users build reports from the ground up. Not only do they see everything that goes into reports, they put them there. Combine that with the powerfully reliable QuickSchools system, and the Report Creator is completely dependable.

The Report Creator lets you manage data analysis every step along the way. Pick the modules you want to analyze, select the fields you want to see, and set up the order that works best for you. Then, just click run and see all your data at once in a tabular report and graphed for better visualization.

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Wanna try the Report Creator App? Just head on over to the QuickSchools app store, in the School Administration section to test it out. As a bonus, Report Creator plays really nicely with the Online Forms App - they’re great together to for managing custom school forms and reporting on the submission results.

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