Online Homework Planner

Online Homework Planner

The homework feature makes daily classroom homework assignments available to students and parents 24-hours a day. Teachers can post assignments to the Parent and Student Portals along with instructions, clarification, and details. Homework posts include the date it was assigned, the date it is due, instructions, and attachments. Teachers can add clarification or modify homework assignments and projects as necessary.

What makes the homework feature powerful is the access students and parents have to teachers to ask questions about those assignments. In addition, students will no longer be able to use the excuses “I didn’t know” or “I forgot” because the homework schedule is always available, and parents can double-check those assignments to make sure they are completed.

Homework Management Software

Online Communication

The QuickSchools’ messaging system ensures that students and parents can ask teachers questions about homework and classroom activities as they come up. Teachers can reply with additional instructions and details about the assignment ensuring that students are successful in their work and that it is turned in on time.

Parent Tracking

The homework feature is especially great for parents who can view assignments on a daily basis and then make sure that their student has completed all of their assignments on time. Parents no longer need to worry about whether their children are actually completing all of their assigned homework because they can go and view the assignments on the Parent Portal themselves. Parents can also check a student’s grades while logged on to the Parent Portal to verify that the student is producing quality work.

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