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QuickSchools is proud to bring you Orchestra, our cloud-based master schedule builder for K12 and colleges, everywhere!

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History of our master schedule

We have been developing our master schedule builder over a number of years, working closely with a wide variety of clients who are on our SIS platform. We applied everything we learned from developing QuickSchools to Orchestra and the results exceeded our expectations. Orchestra introduces wonderful innovations to the master schedule-building exercise that saves time and makes the entire process go much more smoothly.

Over time, we had several more requests from schools that were interested in a standalone master scheduler product. We loved the idea and proceeded to develop it into what it is today - Orchestra!

We are thrilled to share this beautiful product with you and your team. Get in touch with us today to get started. We can’t wait to help you get the most optimal master schedule for your organization in at least half the time it used to take you to do it.

Meet Orchestra - your powerful and easy-to-use master schedule builder

We know there are a lot of moving parts when you’re working on the master schedule. We streamlined this exercise into a step-by-step process which saves you time and makes everything fall into place smoothly.

Integrated Online Course Requests

Finalizing courses for the year is a dynamic process and with QuickSchools, you will be able to consider input from previous year’s courses, faculty, and also from the students directly as you firm up the courses for the new Master Schedule. This iterative process is supported natively and you can always tweak and refine the courses as you gain better insights into what courses are more in demand.

Set Constraints and Build Schedule

Use the Constraints section to define constraints for your Master Schedule and these rules will be taken into account when you run the Master Schedule. Once you have all your inputs in place, use the Schedule drag & drop interface to double-check and build your schedule just how you like it. You will have granular control over what lessons go where and with an option to automate this as well.

Trouble getting to 100%? We got you!

Once you have your Master Schedule candidate, it’s time to test it out. Load students and instead of waiting 20-30 minutes like other scheduling software, you get your results instantly with QuickSchools. In this step, you have an array of tools at your disposal that controls the algorithm and the tolerance of each constraint. Change this one way or the other and you can see the effects instantly..

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