Learning Management System

QuickSchools has traditionally been a Student Information System (SIS). However, given the changing times, and a strong need for all schools to have an online learning capability, we’ve decided to beef up our in-house support for Online Learning.

Realtime discussion

Class Discussions

Post homework assignments, links and videos to a particular class, and students can interact with other members of the class. Teachers can select a class that they’re teaching, and review comments from all students. Teachers can also send out an email notification when a topic is created.

Organized and Interactive


Teachers can create and view assignments for their subjects nad review submissions from students. Students can submit assignments and the system tracks multiple submissions from the same student for the same assignment.

Intelligent and effortless

Live Streaming

You can now link your QuickSchools account with a Zoom account in order to allow teachers to easily schedule online meetings with their students. Students can easily view all upcoming Online Meetings from a single screen on their Student Portal.

Share and collaborate

Student Message Board

The Student Message Board is a great way to share information with students in an unobtrusive manner in QuickSchools. Students simply see these messages when logging into the Student Portal. Teachers can post links and images as well to the board..

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