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QuickSchools users can now harness the power of our online, interactive student database with their Learning Management Systems (LMS). QuickSchools integrates with Schoology, a leading LMS solution which enables unprecedented levels of online collaboration and communication between students, parents and teachers. Schoology’s classroom and online education tools are a perfect complement to QuickSchools’ cloud based Student Information System (SIS).

Get the most out of your SIS and LMS by using them together: integration between QuickSchools and Schoology allows for information to move more freely from the classroom to school administration. Unleash the true power of your QuickSchools - Online School Management System with up-to-date grade and course information from Schoology.

Connect QuickSchools and Schoology in three simple steps:

1. Log in as a QuickSchools Administrator, and install the “Schoology Integration” app from the QuickSchools App Store.

You'll be asked to select the teachers that can configure the Schoology integration.

2. Once installed, select the newly-added “Schoology” menu. Then click “Connect to Schoology”.

3. When prompted, log in to Schoology and give permission to the Schoology App.

You'll be prompted to log back into QuickSchools. A pop-up screen will confirm the connection and let you know the accounts are linked successfully.

Now you’ve successfully connected QuickSchools and Schoology, QuickSchools will walk you through the steps to synchronize information between the two systems

Synchronizing Students:

QuickSchools will automatically map the students in your QuickSchools account to the students in Schoology by name. You’ll have a chance to check the mapping, accept matches, and manually enter any students not present in both systems.

Synchronizing Courses

QuickSchools will guide you through course synchronization after students have been mapped. Courses set up in QuickSchools can be exported to Schoology, and courses set up in Schoology can be imported to QuickSchools. Wherever your current course information is, we’ll get it running in both systems.

Synchronizing Gradebooks

Once courses and students have been synced between QuickSchools and Schoology, quicky and easily synchronize gradebooks between the two systems. Once linked, grades entered in Schoology will reflect in QuickSchools gradebooks, and vice versa.

Key Features of the QuickSchools and Schoology Integration:

  • See the same information, no matter which system you access: Students tend to access Schoology daily to check assignments and grades. Parents then access QuickSchools to see attendance, school fees, report cards and more. Teachers are constantly using both systems. Sound familiar? With integration of QuickSchools and Schoology, no matter which type of user accesses which system, they’ll see the most up-to-date information.
  • Maintain one gradebook, access it in both systems: Assignments and grades created in Schoology now automatically transfer to the QuickSchools gradebook. Similarly, changes made in QuickSchools gradebooks reflect in the Schoology Gradebooks. There’s no need to recalculate or re-enter grades: wherever parents, teachers, or students access grades for a course, they’ll see the most up-to-date information.
  • Better utilize QuickSchools tools: Integration of gradebooks now allows you to use QuickSchools’ powerful report cards and transcript features without manually inputting grades into QuickSchools. Use the QuickSchools report card suite to create, edit, and print report cards using the same grades maintained in Schoology. Additionally, teachers can print periodic student progress reports from their Schoology course page using QuickSchools’ reporting templates.

Questions? We’re here to help. LiveChat support is now available for all questions about connecting QuickSchools and Schoology

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