Report Cards Showcase

Dragon Academy

This versatile report card template from Dragon Academy combines both numeric and commentary elements elegantly into one page.

Carden Arbor View School

Designed and requested by the Carden Arbor View School in southern California, this Report Card template is all about the details.

Blue Academic

Blue Academic is a beautiful, all-around solution for a variety of uses. Single-term, it makes a great end-of-term report card, as well as quarterly or trimesterly progress report.

Twin Verticals

Twin Verticals is an awesomely reliable, distinct, and basic dual-term template. It’s designed with upper-level schools in mind, so it shows lots of detail and calculations that high schools and higher education schools often wish to report.

St. Monica Catholic School

Have an unusual or atypical grading system? The St. Monica report card templates, designed for a unique grading system that one of our Texas schools employs, is built to specifically accommodate that system, featuring a section for conduct grades in addition to typical academic and end-of-semester remarks.

Brunswick Academy

The Brunswick Academy report cards support a unique grading cycle system, with six marking periods including six marking periods, two term exams, and two final term grades.

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