Student Information

Get easy access to student particulars, their grades, schedules, address, parents info, disciplinary records, extra-curricular activities, and any reports, anytime.
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Teacher Information

Track your teacher's particulars, residential addresses and other data. QuickSchools.com is always online so your teachers can access their schedule anytime.
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Student Portal

The student portal enables students to be connected to the school, their classroom, and their instructor 24 hours a day.
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Customizable Interactive Student Database

Student information has never been so easy to manage. QuickSchools’ interactive database of student information is easily accessible and always available for qualified staff. It ensures that all administrators and instructors have access to the most recent student information. The student database includes basic information including address, contact information, current and past classes, and other school activities. Additional information regarding billing, accounts, and history are easily added and tracked by administrators as the database has customizable fields to fit your program’s unique needs. Using this module, your students’ records are always complete and up-to-date.

Administrators and Instructors

With our interactive student database, administrators and instructors are always on the same page. The student database keeps all information together in a single repository. Instructors can enter information on each student’s performance into the student’s electronic file. Administrators and teachers can quickly gather the recent and relevant information they need in one place, including class schedules, grading, and outstanding payments. This makes information gathering more efficient and productive since it eliminates the need to create and manage multiple student files.


Students also benefit from the student database. Basic information can be updated online instead of needing to make a special trip to the office to fill out paperwork. School billing and account management is hassle-free since it can be monitored and paid online. Perhaps the biggest benefit for students is the ability to keep track of their student’s grades, assignments, and academic progress on a daily basis.

Interactive Teacher Database

Using the QuickSchools interactive teacher database, you can easily enter and make basic information about staff members available to qualified administrators. The interactive teacher database makes creating new classes, viewing a teacher’s class schedule, and filing reports incredibly easy and efficient.

Each teacher has one file that enables them to keep their schedules, students, and classroom information all in one place. That single database file allows administrators to have up-to-date information about the teachers and their classes at any time. It also provides a secure way to for teachers to log onto QuickSchools and access their school records and information.

Managing Classes and Schedules

Managing the classes teachers are scheduled to teach and viewing a teacher’s schedule has never been so easy. The interactive teacher database enables you to assign teachers to new classes and view existing teacher schedules at a glance. Scheduling is easier as well because as you can see the teacher’s class load immediately and adjustments and new class assignments can be easily changed or modified.

Preparing Reports

It is faster for teachers to fill out classroom reports and forms using the interactive teacher database because all of the basic information including the teacher’s name and classroom details are automatically placed in the form by QuickSchools. Teachers simply fill in the details and click OK. Reports and forms are automatically saved to the teacher’s file as well as the student’s file and parents and administrators can be notified immediately by the teacher when the report is filed.

Student Portal

One of the most powerful features of QuickSchools is the Student Portal. The student portal enables students to be connected to the school, their classroom, and their instructor 24 hours a day. This feature allows information to flow smoothly between the student, their classmates, the instructor and school administrators. The information available in the student portal is completely customizable by the school and can include attendance records, grades, classroom assignments, calendars, a message board, and other student information.

Tracking Progress

Students usually have to go directly to their instructor or an administrator for specific notes, assignments, and program activities, and school policies. With the Student Portal, students can access this information, which is always up to date, online from home or wherever is convenient for them. They can request transcripts, print off performance reports, check their outstanding or upcoming fees, and monitor their academic performance all online. Because of this powerful feature, instructors and administrators can spend less time responding to repetitive, minor requests and more time improving the school and the curriculum.

Open Communications

Sometimes students have questions that must be addressed before the start of the next school day, especially if they are questions regarding assignments, testing, and projects due the next day. Students may also want to touch base with their instructors if they have questions, suggestions, or comments regarding classroom activities, attendance, discipline issues, or grading. The Student Portal includes a communications feature which enables students to send private messages to their instructor.


Track daily attendance by homeroom, period or subject. Easy to use interface to check off your students.
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Customized to suit your needs with one personal online gradebook for each teacher. The online gradebook feature enables teachers to enter grades frequently.
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Report Cards

Report cards are fully customizable - you get to have your own grading criteria, grading flow, report card format. You can print beautiful report cards and transcripts.
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Attendance Tracker

Attendance is one of those administrative tasks that must be done at the start of each class session. It can take up valuable time and sometimes be difficult to manage. Traditional attendance-keeping books and techniques can be quite laborious and prone to errors. With QuickSchools, tracking attendance is no longer a hassle.

Our easy to use online attendance pages are quick and far less prone to errors. Record a student’s attendance on the colored chart with a click of the mouse. Attendance information can then be immediately shared with administrators, other instructors, and even the students.

Easy to Read Pages

Working with an attendance chart has never been so easy and efficient. Colorful headers; wide, shaded rows; and a clean, large font make reading your class attendance roster easier than ever. Simply click a button to indicate a student’s presence or absence. The bright and clean pages make managing your attendance records a breeze.

Open Communication with Students

Another fantastic benefit of QuickSchool’s attendance feature is that the information is immediately available to your students. Once a teacher saves the attendance record for the period, QuickSchools automatically posts the attendance information to the appropriate Student Portal without any further action from teachers.


Our Gradebook feature makes recording and calculating grades simple and efficient. Simply enter student grades and let QuickSchools do the rest. Fully customizable, you can weight individual assignments or categories to suit your class’ needs, add and delete assignments, and redefine assignments and grade weighting. After new grades are entered, the overall class grade is averaged and updated.

Teachers no longer have to spend hours poring over gradebooks, papers, reports, and calculators. QuickSchools does all of the calculations, updates, and reports associated with grading. This makes grading more efficient and reduces calculation errors. Progress reports and grade checks are also a thing of the past. QuickSchools automatically updates the Student Portal with current grading information so that students can monitor their performance.

Interactive Database and Autocomplete

The interactive grade database makes grading management tasks much more efficient. Report cards and transcripts are completed automatically. The report card and transcripts features share the grading database and pull updated grading information into their reports.

Student Portal Integration

Students can view the most up to date performance information through their student portal, which integrates seamlessly with the grading database. This eliminates daily requests for progress reports and grade checks which can be very time consuming for instructors and administrators. If a student has questions about grades or assignments, then a message can be sent to the instructor through the Student Portal. Teachers can now use their time more effectively preparing assignments, planning activities, and ensuring the success of their students.

Report Cards

Report cards are perhaps the most anticipated document of the term and a huge reward for dedicated students. However, producing and distributing report cards can be a time-consuming undertaking for both administrators and teachers. QuickSchools streamlines this process so that report cards are no longer a hassle. Report cards are automatically completed using the school’s interactive database. The report cards are totally customizable so you can include the information that is important and unique to your school. Once teachers and administrators finalize and approve the report cards, they are available immediately to students.

Interactive Database and Autocomplete

The report cards feature uses the interactive database which includes student information, attendance, and grades. This information is always up to date, so when it is time to produce report cards, a click of a button is all it takes. QuickSchools uses the customized report card template and database information to autocomplete student report cards. This eliminates the need for late nights and calculators trying to figure out each and every student’s grade. It also reduces grading and mathematical errors.

Immediate Availability

After QuickSchools generates all of the school’s report cards, all teachers and administrators need to do is review and approve them. Once report cards are finalized, PDF versions of student report cards can be made available to students immediately through the Student Portal. School administrators can also print and mail report cards if necessary.


You can create beautiful transcripts quickly and efficiently and never worry about losing them ever. It will always be safe in QuickSchools.
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You can create homework assignments in seconds and share them instantly with your students.
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Scheduling Simplified

You can generate the school's schedules easily. You can view schedules by student, teacher or class. You can view and print a PDF version of the schedule.
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This is probably one of the most sought after features of our clients with adult education programs. The Transcripts feature enables your school to make professional and completely customizable transcripts that are truly unique to your school. Once you design your template, creating transcripts for your students is truly as easy as clicking your mouse. Simply click the student name from the Transcripts table that you want to create a transcript for. QuickSchools fills in all of the required information for the transcript using the integrated database that links all of the QuickSchool features together. It doesn’t get any easier or faster than that!

Completely Customizable Templates

Start with one of our preset templates and then customize the transcript to suit your needs by adding custom fields such as attendance summaries, credits earned, exam scores, even the school logo and colors. You can even add custom drop-down menus, text fields, and comment boxes. The possibilities are endless. Choose options to suit each of your programs or academic curricula.

Efficient Workflow

Because our interactive database compiles all of the student information submitted by your staff, instructors and administrators do not have to collect and manage a mountain of paperwork or electronic files. The entire transcript creation process is completely automated. The students can even request, download, and print off their own transcripts.


The Homework feature makes daily classroom homework assignments available to students 24-hours a day. Instructors can post assignments to the Student Portal along with instructions, clarification, and details. Homework posts include the date it was assigned, the date it is due, instructions, and attachments. Instructors can add clarification or modify homework assignments and projects as necessary.

Online Communication

What makes the homework feature so powerful is the access students have to instructors to ask questions about their assignments as they come up. Instructors can reply with additional details about the assignment ensuring that students are successful in their work and that it is turned in on time. In addition, students will no longer be able to use the excuse that they “didn’t know about” or “didn’t get” an assignment because the assignment, schedule and clarifying details are always available.

Scheduling Classes

The Scheduling feature is a powerful tool enabling you to easily create your school's academic schedule. Use QuickSchools automatic scheduler or schedule classes manually. Class schedules can be completely customized to your school and specific to each of your programs. The Scheduling and Subject modules are linked so that classes only have to be entered once, making scheduling and creating new classes easy and efficient.

Create multiple schedules for different events including a regular schedule, holiday schedule, seasonal schedules, or even ad-hoc schedules. Switching among schedules is simple, and once they are defined, you can use them again and again. Schedules are easy to modify from semester to semester, whether it is adding new classes or removing less popular classes, QuickSchools can help you get your schedule finished and ready for the term quickly.

Automatic Class Scheduling

Now there is an easy and fast way to schedule classes: QuickSchools Automatic Scheduler. With a single click, QuickSchools places all of your classes into your school schedule. The Scheduler even lets you lock your important time and day sensitive classes in place. It is hassle and headache free.

Multiple Program Structures

Many schools have multiple schedule structures in place. For example, one program may have a longer, full-day schedule for a fast-track program and a shorter, night-class schedule for a longer-term program. QuickSchools can easily handle your multiple schedules. You can quickly define and manage these different structures using the Scheduling feature.


Manage enquiries to your school all in one place. Move enquiries to applications stage seamlessly right through the time to successfully enroll the student into the right class.
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Fee Tracking & Online Payments

A simple and straightforward fee tracking module that helps you track fees effectively.
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School Messaging

No school today? Have a message you need to communicate urgently? Send out text and recorded voice messages to parents anytime.
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With easy to read, fully customizable pages, the Admissions feature takes the hassle out of enrolling new students. From tracking new student inquiries to enrolling students for the next semester, the Admissions feature provides an easy and convenient way to manage the large amount of information required for and produced by the admissions process.

Once student information is entered during admissions, it is saved in the school’s QuickSchools database and is available to qualified school staff for as long as the student is enrolled. Instructors, administrators, and departments no longer need to copy or re-enter information. Multiple files for a single student are eliminated. Quickschools will streamline your admissions process and make your process easier and more efficient by reducing paperwork, errors, and redundant administrative tasks.

Management from Inquiry to Enrollment

It is easier than ever to keep track of applicant inquiries, school applications, and enrollment. Once information is entered at the inquiry stage, the information is stored in the QuickSchools database and carried forward to other admissions forms. Upon enrollment, student information is then carried over to the student record. .

Semester Management

New and existing semesters can also be defined and modified using the Admissions feature. This enables admissions staff to easily see the details of the next semester and administrators to create and manage new and existing semesters.

Fee Tracking & Online Payments

Billing is an absolutely critical part of school administration and it need not be time-consuming. If you have to keep track of numerous fee levels, apply different fees to specific students, manage incoming payments, and create and send notices for bill payment, then QuickSchools can help you streamline the process so that things do not get out of control or consume more time and resources than necessary.

QuickSchools provides a way simple way to charge fees, manage payments, print and save receipts, and even a way to deliver payment notices online. All billing and payment information is stored in the student’s file, so all information is kept together in one place. Itemized charges, both past and upcoming, are easy to view and reference. Standard school charges can be set up once and then applied as necessary keeping billing consistant and reducing billing errors.

Online billing enables your school to accept credit card payments, without the headache of managing credit card payments. Studencs can view their school bills online through the Student Portal and pay at home with their credit card through Stripe. Stripe takes care of processing the payment and posting approved payments to QuickSchools administration and student accounts. Your school doesn’t have to do anything. It doesn’t get better than that!

Group Billing

When you have two or more students enrolled at your school from one group, you can use the Group Billing feature. This is a great feature that enables you to view and bill a group on a single invoice. QuickSchools will even let you customize the allocation of fees across group members. This further streamlines the billing process for the school and makes invoices easier to read and understand for the group leaders.

Standard Charges & Fees

When you have a charge that you use frequently, like monthly tuition fees, you can set up a template defining the fee. When you need to apply that charge, you can apply it to a group of students all at once, or you can apply fees one student at a time. It saves administrators time because there is no longer a need to look up each fee and then apply it every student in the school one at a time. It also reduces errors because the fee is charged equally to all students every time it is applied.

School Messaging

Reliable communication between administrators, instructors, and students is crucial for program success. QuickSchools has a powerful communications feature that keeps everyone in touch 24-hours a day. Schools can send emails, text, and voice messages to the entire school or to predefined groups of students all at once, significantly reducing the amount of time administrators need to make phone calls, talk to students, and leave messages. To further streamline the messaging process, save templates of your most frequently used communications, such as announcing schedule changes, so that you do not have to repeatedly recreate the same messages.

Instructor-Student Messaging

Instructors can also use the messaging feature to send messages to an entire class, a group of instructors, or even a single student. Students can in turn can send private messages with questions, comments, or concerns to instructors or administrators through the Private Messaging feature in the Student Portal.


When you send frequent communications to a specific group of students, you can create a recipient list, similar to a contact groups in your email software, which includes those people so that you don’t have to add them each individually to your communications every time you send it out.

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